Sunday, 7 August 2011

Origami hair decoration

This super cute hair decoration can easily be made by stuff you probably have at home. So it's perfect for spontaneous impulses of creativity ;)

You need liquid glue, paper (five small square sheets for each), bobby pins and pearls (optional). Well, real origami paper with some pattern is surely nicer. But if you haven't got some at home and don't want to go shopping before starting, white paper is good enough.

Now start the folding

Across the middle

   Then fold the corners from up- and underside to the middle 

And then fold the half of them them outwards 

 The next step is hard to explain.
Unfold it to let it somehow look like a cone. Then flatten it.

Now fold down the small tips of each of those kite-shaped things.

And fold them in the middle again

If you put (not fold) the edges together now, you have got the first blossom

Don't forget to glue now

Make five blossoms and glue all of them together. Don't forget the bobby pin between

If you've got a pearl, glue it to the middle

And that's it :)


  1. Eine sehr schöne Idee und das Ergebnis sieht super aus! ;)

  2. Wow, echt wunderschön! Muss ich gleich ausprobieren! Ich hab grad Ferien und mir ist auch enorm langweilig.

    Viiiele Liebe Grüße
    Vani von

  3. das sieht so mega schön aus! :)